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Ever wonder what do personal trainers know that you don't?

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Personal Trainer Certification

Personal Trainer Certification - Certification versus Certificate:

Imagine You working as an AFI Certified Personal Trainer in the Gym of your choice - in a career You will LOVE!

AFI has put together an easy to understand online self-study program to help You start a training career you will LOVE. AFI is the best value for your Trainer education because our price includes EVERYTHING You need to become a Certified Personal Trainer. All the materials are available instantly online and we have included the Rescuer CPR AED course, a $75 value as a FREE gift to help get You get Certified FAST.

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Becoming a Personal Trainer changed Lazar Angelov's life.

As a personal trainer he has been able to transform the bodies of thousands of people and to make his motivation and knowledge contagious to them. Lazar started working with people, helping them to reach their maximum potential in developing their bodies (

Don't go through life wondering what if, instead get your Personal Trainer Certification today and see how great it feels to wake up every day excited and inspired by your career. What are you waiting for? Come see for yourself.

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Personal Training Certification

Become a Personal Trainer and learn to train like a pro.

There are two types of training sessions, the ones a trainer runs and the one that runs the trainer. Learn how to take charge of every session and how to train clients anywhere. AFI teaches you what makes a training session "Worth it" and how to give a great session anywhere without any special equipment.

Learn what it takes to be the best, how to make the most money as a trainer and how to give your clients the absolute best results. Learn how to be a better trainer.


Be a Better Trainer


Rescuer CPR AED

AFI requires students to obtain their CPR AED Certification after passing the AFI CPT Exam. If you have purchases the Rescuer CPR AED Course, you do not have to submit additional proof documents, AFI will track your progress to completion of the course and issue your CPR AED ecard upon course completion.

Red Cross & American Heart Association CPR AED

If you have taken another course, you can submit your valid CPR AED Certification through the AFI Help Center. Maintaining your CPR AED Certification is a requirement for most gyms and insurance companies. If you've already received your CPR AED Certification please submit it through the AFI Help Center. AFI will accept CPR AED from the American Heart Association, American Red Cross or the Rescuer CPR AED course which all meet the most recent 2010 ECC guidelines.

Personal Trainer Certification FAQs Top 10

Here are the most common questions we have received over the years.